How to Check Red or Green Iqama Online? (Kafeel and Mosasa Nitaqat)

Do you know the status of your iqama that’s red or green? Do you even know about the details of mosasa, kafeel, and nitaqat. Here today mentioning everything in detail.

If you just check your iqama status, so there are some things you should know priory. That is the meaning of red, yellow, green, status of your iqama before you check it online.

The Status of Nitaqat of Mosasa Kafeel or Company Red, Yellow, or Green:

So the foremost thing here to mention is the way you can check the status of your Nitaqat of your company or your kafeel. For this, simply visit the site.

After this follow the below-mentioned steps to exactly know about your iqama status:

  1. There will be a field that requires your iqama number, fill that field by writing your iqama number.
  2. After that, it will show a captcha code for the confirmation of not being spam or bot.
  3. Then simply, click onto the below button and your kafeel or musasa status will be there.

Now we should get deeper to the purpose and meaning of the red, yellow, green, and platinum color iqama statuses.

In the year 2022, the Saudia government launched a law called Nitqat. So in accordance with that law, it is a crucial thing for all the private companies out there having a certain number for all the employees working in Saudia. This is the term that is said to be Saudization.

In this regard, it is quite essential for all private firms to have a particular rate of Saudization. This makes the labor law of the Saudi government more potential. And this also makes a point obvious that the companies will have a considerable number of Saudi employees.

Iqama Status Red, Yellow, Green, Or Plantimum

So what these color statuses show?

Green Status

If you check your kafeel or mosasa status green so this means that you are at a safer side. And you do not need to worry about anything and you can continue your job where you are doing without any obstacle because that kafeel you worked forgot quite good saudization nitaqat rate. Note that green always means safe and accurate.

Red Status:

If your kafeel got red status so this means that for the company you are working for or mosasa has a quite low rate of nitaqat and it is because of less number of Saudi employees. You may already know that red signifies danger so that place is not safe for you. in this regard, you should try transferring yourself to any other kafeel company. It is essential because no one knows when the Saudi government can take strict action for that kafeel and you have to go back to your home. So give a check to your status and if you found that red, then surely leave that kafeel and get transfer to any other kafeel for always being at safe side.

Yellow Status

Yellow status means that your mosasa nitaqat rate is not that good like green but it’s in the right direction as it can get better with doing some efforts. This is where you have to take a step to ask your company to provide more jobs to Saudi citizens as they are the only source to make you have a green status.

Note that usually, status takes about three months to alter from red to yellow to green.

Platinum Status

When you check your iqama color status and you get to know that its platinum category of Nitaqat so this is the best you can have. The platinum status means that the visa process for all the foreign workers will always be an easy task. if any employee under someone else’s kafeel got red status then the platinum category is able to transfer the sponsorship without even any permission of its previous kafeel. The profession of employees can also get changed according to their preference. Furthermore, there is an option to renew the iqama of all its employees within the time of three months before the expiration date comes.

There are quite a large number of expatriate searches but if they can check out their iqama status that is red, yellow, or green on the available website. You can easily check the iqama status from the website we provided above because there are website claiming to show iqama status but does not shows that.

Check of Iqama Validity:

You should always check the expiry date of your iqama because it is the thing every Saudi employee must know about. At a time your iqama got expired then each one of your official transactions will get ceased and you will be claimed as illegal in Saudi Arabia. Simply, iqama is a residence permit and an identity for the Saudi Arabian government. Nowadays, the new iqama is only valid for the time period of one year, before this, it was valid for about two years.

Huroof on Iqama:

This is something no one ever desires to happen for the expatriate in Saudi Arabia. This will definitely make you lose your job. Moreover, a ban will get imposed on you with a penalty only if you have proven to be guilty. But there are certain rules that are strictly followed by the sponsor before imposing huroof on your iqama status.

You can yourself check about the bad report of your iqama to the sponsor.

Final Words:

Of course, it is always a good thing to be in green or platinum category status. But if you do not have good iqama status then the employee can get better chance but if you get fall to red status then you are highlighted for platinum and green. However, you only need to showcase your skills and reach out to people.

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