Iqama Application for Dependents or Wife

Iqama Application for Wife & Family Dependent – Here comes another useful article for expatriates of KSA. If you want your family resides with you in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then I Must say that you are very much at the right place. Today in this comprehensive guide about Iqama Application for Wife or Family Dependents we are going to discuss each and every detail of Family Iqama 2020. You will get an answer to your questions related to Iqama for a wife. When I was new in KSA I have questioned a lot to my peers because I really want my family to stay with me & it is your legal right to call your family anywhere in the world not only in KSA.

You will get the answer to the questions

  • What is Family Iqama?
  • How to Apply Family Iqama? Iqama for Wife?
  • What are the required documents?
  • What is the Iqama Application fee for wife?

So, mate if you have any other question related to Iqama then I must say that never ever be shy to ask that. The more you ask the clear the image is. We have open the discussion session at the end of each and every article. Must have a look before proceeding

Iqama Application for Wife


There is nothing wrong with the saying that man & women are incomplete in Islam without being getting married. Actually not only in Islam but also in all religions. Once you get married husband & wife should stay together. But before living in any other country in the world you must comply with the rules & regulations of that country. Being expat in KSA you must need to apply Iqama for your wife, children, & parents. All in all, you need to apply iqama for all of your dependents.

Are you eligible?

  • Either husband or wife must be living in the KSA under green status company or kafeel.
  • Apply independent iqama if your dependent is above 18 years old else you can become the kafeel of your dependents.


  • Two Photographs (Each Family member) attested from the Kafeel or employee’s company.
  • Family Passport (original + copies)
  • Family Visa (original + copies)
  • Your/ Kafeel’s Iqama copy.
  • Medical Clearance invoice
  • Family Iqama Filled


  • Once you landed in the KSA it is necessary for you to go through the medical procedures once again through approved medical labs. Must look at the MOI website to find out the approved labs.
  • You need to submit the medical to the Ministry of the interior.
  • Now you need to download Iqama Application form for Dependents/wife. Fill the form. If you understand Arabic well then fill it yourself else, you can take help from the agents sitting outside the Jawazat office or you can take help from your Arabic friend.
  • Visit the Jawazat office to take the token number & wait there for your turn.
  • Submit all the above-mentioned documents along with the Iqama Application form.
  • It is highly recommended to keep the Orignal documents of your wife, dependents, and yours with you at the time of visit for verification.
  • If Jawazat found nothing is missing, it will take some time & print out your Iqama for Wife instantly.

Download Iqama Application form for the wife/Dependent

finally, here is the last step for you. If you don’t want to navigate to the Abhser or MOI website to download Iqama Application form then here we have the facility for you. You can click on the button shown below to start to download the Iqama Application form for the wife/dependent. In case of any query don’t hesitate to ask. Our team of experts will try to resolve your queries as early as possible.

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