Iqama Transfer Procedure, Tanazul and Naqal Kafala

Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country. They call it the heart of Muslim lineage; that is why it is playing a pivotal role in the eyes of Muslims. It is proving a plethora of job opportunities to the Muslim world for employment at high wages.

Iqama is trouble-free “work and resident permit” for outsiders in Saudi Arabia. There are well distinct immigration and labor course of action in Saudi Arabia. It is more unambiguous when it comes to the service plan for foreigners. It is authoritarian and to the point for them. Iqama is playing a pivotal role in this view. It is excellent to support domestic workers over there.


It is indeed a safe and sound option to continue employment in Saudi Arabia with the flow of time. Indeed, it is giving a secure reason for a stay permit in Saudi Arabia. Otherwise, their rules are quite strict for those who are intending to reside in Saudi Arabia. It is a relaxation document for the workers.

What is the Transfer Procedure of Iqama?

It is known as shifting the Iqama from one person to another. It is the progression of switching, in which one person is planning to quit from Saudi Arabia, so he will surely be intending to save his Iqama. For the purpose, he will hunt for a person who is for sure willing to take his Iqama.

Iqama Transfer Tanazul Procedure KSA

The person who is already availing the Iqama is known as Kafeel. If Kafeel intends to quit then, it is mandatory; later, he must get a person who can avail his Iqama to save it for the future. If he is successful in hunting the person, then he will complete the process of shifting as soon as possible.

In case, if he is unable to transfer the Iqama to another person, then he is supposed to quit Saudi Arabia kingdom without shifting of Iqama progression. In this regard, he is supposed to make a new Iqama whenever he is planning to come to Saudi Arabia.

Iqama Transfer is Challenging or Not?

The process of shifting the Iqama is called Naqal Kafila or Tanazul. It is indeed a complicated progression, but still, it is risky too. If the person has got Iqama for a specific ob and he fails to continue in that particular field, then things will be troublesome.

Failure of job switching results in trouble before a special department known as Maktab Amal. This department is concerned about the shifting procedure of Iqama. Transferring the sponsorship will successfully be done by them.

It is a testing task to transfer your sponsorship to another person who is interested in avail of it. It is also a stroke of good luck if you access a relevant person; otherwise, the failure issue will linger on, and you have to left Iqama and make Iqama anew for the next time.

In 2020, the Saudi Arabian government has stopped the transfer of Iqama to some specific industries, so it is better to check the status of sectors before picking up a Kafeel from any industry. If it is not done with extra care, then it might be problematic to handle the problems later on. The safe side is to have a review of a specific analysis of the industries thoroughly.

It is always important to be in touch with the rules and regulations as it will be troublesome to see the consequences. Maybe rules change with the flow of time and needs of every day, so better to be aware of fresh rules and regulations regarding Iqama.

Step By Step Guide to Transfer Iqama

It is a stepwise process. It takes time in addition to some mandatory steps.

They are:

  1. Submission of application – The very first step is to go for applying for the transfer process. For the purpose, the application form will be filled. After completing the form, one may add the necessary documents plus photocopy of passport and photographs. It will be handed over to the Labor Department for further progression.
  2. Guarantee letter – it is a must to access a guarantee letter to continue the process. It will surely be attested to commerce KSA. Its poof will be the invoice that will be attached to the application to make it more trustworthy.
  3. Application processing – this step is linked with the moving ahead of the application for the transfer of Iqama. Now, ground research will be done. An officer will pay a visit to make sure about the employee and its company.
  4. Municipality license – this license is provided by the Municipality, which is lawful authority. It is making sure that the employee is having all its documents in the original. Now, the new Kafeel will come at this point to continue the process.
  5. Undertaking to sign – this step relates to the oath procession. This will support the new Kafeel to take authority of the iqama with the support of authentic departments.
  6. Confirmation of documents – it is essential to show all the documents, photographs, passport, national identity cards, etc. in its original form. It will authenticate the permit.
  7. Check to keep – now, the old employee will keep a check on the new employee as the new one is going to take his place as new Kafeel for Iqama. An activity check is mandatory for this rationale.
  8. Tanazol –  this step is involving the transfer progression, which is called Tanazul.The Iqama transfer fees will be paid, and the Iqama will be handed over to the new Kafeel. The legal documentation confirmation process will be done after it.
    • It will ask for 2000 Saudi Riyal for the first time,
    • 4000 Saudi Riyal for the second time
    • 6000 Saudi Riyals for the third time.
  9. Verification of Iqama – verification of documents by Al-Nafyanwi will do this. They will make sure about the current status of the resident. Also, they will renew or disapprove the permit as per their opinion.

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